Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Under the Water

OK, I have had sea creatures on the brain lately. It seems to be all I am thinking about. I am having fun with it. Here is my version of a dungeness crab. He was really fun but a very time consuming. I used re-purposed wool. He is not quite what I wanted so I will work some more today.
Now here is the Salmon again and this time it is fused fabric with machine quilting. I need to do the background today and the fish head needs some work. I just laid the button on for an eye but I don't know if a button is the way to go...

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. These are works in progress.


  1. I love the crab, and the wavy/rocky shapes behind him.

  2. connie, you are inspiring me to make an art quilt. what a cool little crab that is, i can see the time and handiwork in the stitching!

  3. Would a different color eye improve the look?