Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thankful and sending Prayers

As most of you know from my photos, I live on the Pacific Ocean, this is the view from my window, which I love! However yesterday at 4 am we were awakened by a tsunami alarm, this is a horn type sound which goes on for 3 minutes. At this point we got out of bed and wondered what to do and what was going on! I got on line and typed in Tsunami warning in Gold Beach and to my surprise there had been a major earthquake in Japan. At that point I felt so sad for all of those affected in Japan but at the same time was worried about what we needed to do...

Several months ago my husband attended a community education program on Tsunami Warnings and what to do. Since we were hearing an alarm that meant we needed to prepare for the wave and we had some time, and we are fortunate we are 80 or so feet above sea level, so our preparations are how will we be able to survive if we have to shelter in place here in our home. If necessary we can go further up our hill but we decided to stay put. We filled the bath tubs with water in case we were to loose our water. At this point I just wandered around not knowing what to do...

Then I decided to put sleeping bags in our car with water and a cat carrier, just in case we needed to drive up the hill we would have a few items. Then we just waited. M dosed a bit but I was not able to relax so I sat and waited for the sun to come up. It was a long wait. The not knowing what was coming was a very strange feeling yet we knew we needed to be prepared. I can't even tell you how many different thoughts were going through my head. Soon, family and friends started calling and checking in on us. It was so good to be able to visit with them and voice what I was feeling.

By 7:30 we could see that here in Gold Beach everyone was fine and the initial wave did not amount to much. We are so fortunate. We had high surf and rough water all day. You could also see that the ocean was very muddy looking and it was very rough. Some of the ports along the coast did not fair as well but we are fine.

I have never had to think about something like this before. I will now put a few things in place so I can be as prepared as I can.

I will be back to sewing today and I hope to post photos tomorrow. I am sending many prayers for those in Japan today!!!