Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mystery Applique

I took a class a couple of weeks ago. It was a mystery applique class. I am very new to applique and I thought this would be a fun way to learn more and test my skills or lack of them. The class was a local one so there was no travel and most of the participants were from our guild.

I enjoyed taking the class. Our fearless leader was Nancy Chong and she did an incredible job. She is such a great teacher and has a very nice way about her and is incredible at what she does. I would defiantly take another class from her.

We were given one piece at a time and told where to sew them and by the end of the day we had a block. The two blocks on the left of the bottom photo were done by other class participants, aren't they nice. The other blocks were created by Nancy. I love how when you see one they don't look like much but when they are assembled they form wonderful circles. It is fun to see what everyone created. They were all so different. This will be a work in progress for a very long time for me but it will be a great thing to know how to do. Oh, the top photo is part of my first block (the second one is much better)....


  1. you are a far braver soul than I am....I'm too impatient for beautiful applique. If it can't be accomplished with a sewing machine, fusibles, and an iron, I dare say I'm not interested! LOL
    I love what you are doing and look forward to seeing your progress.


  2. You are so patient. This takes time. Can't wait to see the final project.

  3. Wow, Great work! I love the pattern she started you on. It has all the elements you will be challenged with when working with applique. I also love the different colored blocks.