Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Boys

Remember back in April last year I wrote about Bronx, graduating from Guide Dog School, well here he is with my dog Butch (right). Bronx was retired early from guide dog service because of his exuberance and for being opportunistic. I went and picked him up last week. As the person who raised him I was given the option to take him and either keep him or place him with a family member. He is a very happy fun dog. These issues are not a problem for a pet dog but they are for a blind person. I feel bad for his blind partner since he will have to receive a new dog and they will have to get used to each other. But it has been fun to have the wild boy back home.

He is settling in but with two large dogs under the age of 3 things have been wild around here.
Bronx is going to be living with my Brother and his Wife in Dallas, Texas. I think they will really enjoy him. In a couple of weeks I will be traveling to Texas with him.

I have been continuing to work and practice my free motion quilting when I have had time to play in my studio. I hope all of you are having a great week.


  1. So glad he is going to a good home! I've been looking at dog adoption sites lately.. just to drive myself mad :)

  2. What a sweet-looking boy. Looks like he'd be happy just about anywhere, as long as he had someone to love.

  3. He's so handsome. I bet you are having a lot of fun with him.