Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have been trying to figure out how and what to write about. I was reading other blogs this morning and I was visiting one of my favorites, The Silly Boodilly. Victoria has such an incredible way with words and as I read her blog I was inspired to just let you know what has been going on here in my world. I will not do it as wonderfully has she has but here it goes...

It has been a wild and busy summer, sure I am doing my own thing but the adventures of my babies has taken a major part in my world these days. Now, I am not complaining one bit, however I am one of those women that once a mother always a mother. My babies are grown and out in this world making me proud but I don't have the time with them I would like.

Let's start with Stevi first, She is the oldest and living a 10 to 12 hour drive from us and working her first adult job since graduating from college. Which means no vacation... :-( So we have not been able to have much time together. Her car has also died (really gone) and she is having to make her first major purchase of wheels. It is a daunting task for anyone let alone being 23 years old and away from home. I am sure she will make a great decision but doesn't she need her mommy??? Not really...

OK, now on to the boy, he is a Junior in college this year and going to study abroad in Uppsala Sweden, now that is a looooong way away and he will be gone for 11 months! He left last week for Europe and is going to travel around with a couple of friends for a few weeks before he settles in at school in Sweden. I am having major withdrawal. I am getting an email from him periodically and they are not terribly informative. However he is having an incredible adventure and I am thankful for that but I really miss him and again Doesn't he need his Mommy??? Not really...

So I am spending a fair amount of time thinking about my babies and what they are up too. I keep telling myself I raised them to go out on their own and have a wonderful life and they are both doing just that. But shouldn't they still need their MOMMY???

I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer and I will try and get some photos taken of my work and post them and let you know what I am up to.

All is good though! I am a lucky Mommy!


  1. First of all, you are so sweet... thank you for such kind words, Connie. I really appreciated reading them. xo

    And now... growing children... is there anything more bittersweet? I don't think so! Navigating the world on their own... that takes guts, (on their end and on ours!) It also takes a good foundation, which is what we provided for them all of these years. Now we get to sit back a bit, and watch in awe, heart sometimes in throat, but always full of love. (And I think no matter how accomplished, successful or grown up one becomes, no one ever outgrows the need or want of a mothers love... we will always be needed in one way or another.)

    You have done a beautiful job raising your beautiful kids. Big hugs to you!

  2. your children are so lovely and it looks like they are on their way! you must be so proud!

  3. I think the photo of your children says it all--they're beautiful and they look so happy! Sounds to me like you've done a fabulous job preparing them for these proud times and continue to be the loving mother they want and need;) Hugs!

  4. Of course we always need our mommy!! I miss you so much and I'm dreaming of a day that I can live close enough to visit on a weekend! You and Dad have been better than the best parents! I feel so lucky!

  5. Hi Connie My daughter lives a four hour drive away and I miss her every minute of every day, luckily my son is still at home but I know it's only a matter of time as he is 23 and I dread it. I want to lock him in his room. I don't think it will ever get easier will it? Anyhow, I came here to be cheerful, with good news and here I am now feeling sad! You have won my give away!! Let me have your address and the little piece of patchwork will soon be winging its way to you! I haven't blogged it yet, that will happen in the next hour!! have a great weekend, we can mutually miss our babies.x

  6. You have some incredibly handsome children! I had to laugh at the uninformative emails- its so like boys :)

    You raised some great independent children!