Saturday, August 7, 2010

I really have been working

Here it is... My second piece of applique where a Paul Klee painting was my inspiration. Several months ago I won a blog giveaway on June 8th from Applique Addict I received a lovely bundle of 4x4 batiks. I thought since Marjorie was an applique fan, I should do just that applique.
I think the batiks are such fun for this piece. I have it pinned and ready to quilt. I will be quilting between the pieces of applique. Thanks so much Marjorie for sharing your stash of lovely batiks with me!

Now, my babies are doing well! Stevi purchased a beautiful used car. She did it on her own and made a great purchase. As I am writing this Rick is on a train from Germany to Sweden where he will spend the next 9 plus months studying, we hope. :-)


  1. Does this mean I need to send more blocks as a reward for finishing?