Monday, August 9, 2010

My obsession with Paul Klee

OK, my obsession continues! As all of you know I love Paul Klee and have made 2 pieces inspired by his paintings. Well, here we go again. This time I am cutting into my stash of shot cotton. I have had it sitting here for about 8 months so here it goes.
Here is the start. I am planning on making mine square. We will see if I follow through with my plan. I work very loosely. I cut pieces and place them as I go. I love applique with this cotton it is very nice and soft and easy to work with.

Now, I have company coming for a few days and the house is only partially ready and I need to prepare something for dinner, or at least have a plan of what I will prepare...

Have a great week!


  1. enjoy your company Connie! x

  2. Love! (What fabulous inspiration!)
    Looking forward to seeing how it all evolves.
    Enjoy your company. :0)
    (I say eat out!!)

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