Sunday, January 30, 2011

I really didn't fall off the face of the earth!!!
I received a comment this morning from a wonderful blog friend, Karen. Karen has a wonderful blog about Embroidery. It is a beautiful and inspirational place to visit. Now back to her comment. She wondered if things were OK. I spend much of my time online wondering if anyone pays any attention to what I am doing. Now I know I have one faithful follower. If I know someone is visiting it is enough to keep me going. So, Karen I want to thank you for caring... :-)
I have been practicing my machine quilting and making portholes. Here is a small wall hanging which I used both processes. I love the way the shot cotton looks with the stitching. It was fun to do too. I was inspired to practice my machine quilting after reading an article by Teri Lucas in the newest Quilting Arts Magazine (February-March). One of her suggestions was to practice Doodling with pen or pencil. So I have been doing that and much to my surprise it has helped me immensely! I now have a sketch book I hope to doodle in every day.

So If I am not here reading or writing my blog I will be doodling with pencil or machine.

Thanks again to Karen for bring me back...