Sunday, October 16, 2011

It is my lucky day!

I entered a blog giveaway the other day for this DVD by Diane Doran, I am so very excited, when I got up this morning and checked my emails, I had a message from Vivika Denegre that I had been selected as the WINNER!!! This is the perfect DVD for me. I won it by visiting a wonderful new blog, Vivika DeNegre Art Quilts. I love Vivika's work, she makes wonderful art quilts. Her blog really struck a cord with me since she has some quilts where she has incorporated vintage maps in some of her work. You should go and visit! I really have a thing for maps. In college I took classes in cartography and had always hoped to draw and color maps for a living...
Here are a couple of photos I toke last month and think they will be very fun to incorporate into a quilt using the new processes I will learn all about with my new DVD!!!

We have had a couple of incredible days here! No wind and lots of sunshine! We spent a couple of hours on the beach yesterday with Butch (the dog)... He is still trying to sleep off the effects of chasing the tennis ball a few too many times! I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend. ENJOY!!!!