Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playing with Value

Here is a bit of the progress on my Color Value Quilt. I found this pattern in the book by Christine Barnes, called the The Quilters Color Club. The pattern came from the book. I enjoyed picking out colors based on value. As you can see I do well with dark's and light's but not so good on the medium values. I am liking this though. I am also doing a bit of thinking and trying to decide whether or not to use any sashing. The pattern does not use any but I am not sure. I may just use the striped fabric for the border and maybe a strip between one row of blocks... What do you think?

I will probably be moving squares around today and playing with it a bit. We are having some rainy days so it is a good time to play in the studio. Oh, and I guess I may have to do a bit of ironing today... :-( Not my favorite thing. M is running out of work shirts so I guess I better be a good wife and do a bit of ironing.