Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guide Dog Graduation

While were in Portland we decided to take a side trip to Boring, Oregon to see a Guide Dog Graduation. Two of the pups I have taken care of were graduating and they were raised by two of my favorite women. It was so fun to go and surprise them and see the graduation. It is always an incredible experience to witness. Now look at all these wonderful dogs. They are all two year old lab, lab golden cross or golden retrievers. They are such attentive dogs and are such incredible partners. I was also able to meet the two people who have been matched with the dogs I puppy sat. Francisco the black lab on the far left and Lavette the golden retriever who is the 3rd from the right. With each graduate they have a few minutes to speak and so do the puppy raisers. So you get a nice sense of the dogs new partner and the person who raised the dog. If any of you ever have an opportunity to see one of these graduations it is worth the time.

With all of my preoccupation about our friends losing their son it was so nice to attend something so wonderful and uplifting.

My friends have been on my mind so very much. We attended the memorial service on Sunday and it was just wonderful but so very sad. I just do not know how as a parent or a sibling anything will ever seem right again.

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