Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am continuing to regroup and get used to things being as they are. Change seems to be happening all around. Both of my kids moved last week. Stevi to Washington for work and Rick to Eugene, Oregon for school. Both of my kids were going to be in Eugene and in one week things changed. I am thankful for the opportunity for Stevi and her boyfriend but moving further away was not what I had hoped for. :-( And as I say this I am thankful that my kids are happy and healthy and able to make these changes. But I thought it would be so fun to be able to visit them both in the same city.

OK, this is supposed to be a quilting blog and I have not been posting about quilting very much. I promise that will change.

I have been trying to teach myself to do needle turn applique and it is much tougher than I thought. When I feel I have something worth posting I will take photos but, not yet. I am also teach our exchange student to piece and quilt. She is having a good time. She is hand piecing some squares for pillow covers and then I will teach her to hand quilt. I think she is having a good time. When she feels like letting me photograph her work I will post that also.

Have a great weekend.


  1. It's a lot to adjust to, kids growing up and moving on... especially when they move further away then expected. Bitter sweet. Sending you hugs. xo

  2. I found your blog from SoSherry...Contgrats on your win. I understand the change with kids...I have two, in two exact different directions, 1000 miles away. I do needle turn applique, and if you haven't tried it use a toothpic, especially the asian ones with the top carved out makes it much easier. If you wet the tip and push the edge under makes it easy. I was taught by Laurene Sinema.

  3. I know exatly how you feel. I miss my daughter every hour of every day. Yes she is happy, I just wish she was happy nearer home.