Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In a Funk

I am not sure what is going on but I am in a bit of a funk. I just seem to be running in circles. I think part of it is that I do not have a lap top. It is officially gone. I really do not like making decisions on electronic devices. Too much for me to think about. Since we live in such a remote area and have NO shopping I need to make this decision for what I find on the internet. So I am unable to make a decision so far....

I am going to take a little road trip of sorts today and maybe that will help. I need to go and check out a dog kennel where I am thinking about boarding my furry friend. Sounds like a nice place but I want to see before we use them and it is about and hour and a half north. I love to drive though so maybe it is just what I need. Some good music, a cup of good coffee and off we go.

The photo above is my wonderful daughter who came to visit a week ago with her boy friend...

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  1. I know the funk feeling... I was in an awful funk this past week, but I think the clouds are finally lifting... hope they lift for you too, very soon. Good luck on the lap top!