Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Something New and Some Great News

Yesterday I tried something new. I volunteered to make a couple Log Cabin Twist squares. Here is the first one. This is pieced on paper. It was confusing when I first read about it and decided I would just jump in and give it a try. It was such fun. I have always thought sewing on paper was fun but sewing fabric on paper was even better. These squares will join 88 others made by members of the Gold Beach Quilters for a quilt to be raffled off to benefit CASA. CASA for Children trains adult volunteers as Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA Volunteers. I really enjoy being able to do something I enjoy that will benefit someone.

I am also very, very happy about the news I got last night from my sister. For the last 3 months
she has had to be put through a multitude of tests to find out why she passed out. First they thought she had a seizure and then they ruled that out then they thought it was an electrical problem with her heart and they have now ruled that out too. She has been unable to drive for the last 3 months which created additional stress. Yesterday she was given a clean bill of health and also a letter to the State DMV stating that the doctor feels she can drive again. She sounded so happy last night. The may never know what caused the blackout but we suspect that it was a medication which she was on and is no longer taking. I am so thankful that she is healthy and now HAPPY!!! Thanks for all of you who expressed your concerns. All those good thoughts were helpful.


  1. Wonderful news on your sister--glad she's doing so well!
    That block is amazing--beautiful! I'm afraid it would boggle my brain:) Nice work!