Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here is Bronx all grown up. I was able to go and see him in Boring Oregon on Monday. He is still on campus at Guide Dogs for the Blind. He will be traveling to Arizona with a trainer and be matched with his new blind partner. I got to spend an hour with Bronx and play with him in a wonderful play yard on Monday afternoon. He is the same wild man he was when I raised him. It amazes me how these dogs are so loving and wonderful and PLAYFUL, but when they are in harness they are all business. There are many people who do not understand that when these dogs are not working they are like any other well mannered dog and they get to play and just be a dog but in harness they provide incredible mobility for their partner. I envy these teams because they get to spend such a wonderful life together 24-7.

Bronx showed me that he is still a very happy playful boy. He remembered me and gave me his wonderful wiggly hello! It was so wonderful to see him and kiss him on the forehead one more time.

Good Luck Bronx!!!

I spent the night with a good friend in Eugene and had a great dinner and of course wine and great conversation. I also got to spend Tuesday morning with my wonderful daughter in Eugene. She is a art major attending the University of Oregon. Stevi will graduate this spring and then is going to continue her education at the Portland Art Institute. Her art emphasis is Photography. We were able to have coffee, relax in the park and have a wonderful lunch of sushi before I had to travel back to Gold Beach. It was a WONDERFUL to have a little mother daughter time.


  1. What a nice getaway for a couple of days:) Bronx sure is a handsome guy, and sounds like the perfect companion for his new partner.

  2. It sounds like you had a nice visit with your daughter, too. I'm yearning for some mother/daughter time now!