Friday, April 9, 2010


Here it is. I have finished the applique work on my Paul Klee piece. I am very pleased with it. I have gotten many suggestions on quilting but have settled on hand quilting in the black between the pieces. Since I don't want it to look puffy I will not use batting in the middle of my quilt sandwich. I am going to use a piece of fabric.

Now as far as the edging goes I am very up in the air on that. I do know it will be a wall hanging.
I also thought I would hang it vertically and now that I see it on the blog it may be better horizontally. Time will tell.


  1. It's terrific! I am inspired to try something like this. Well done!

  2. Have you thought about using Warm and Natural for the batting. It would be easier on your fingers then a cotton fabric but doesn't add much bulk.

  3. this is lovely Connie. I like to quilt using only a fine piece of muslin on the back, it turns out really soft.

  4. This is wonderful, Connie!!
    I think it rocks, no matter how you hang it!

  5. Connie, that piece is superb! Give yourself a huge pat on the back!!