Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing in Seattle

This robe was created with dog tags, they all say nonsensical things. It is an incredible piece and looks so much like fabric. The little opening inside makes me want to climb inside.
Now wouldn't this be an awful thing to wake up to! This extra large rat was in the Seattle Art Museum. He was very cool but also creepy!!! I am not a fan of large rodents.
Stevi and I went to the Seattle Sculpture Garden which is very close to her apartment. She is in the perfect location for a girl who loves art. It was such fun to go and visit the SAM with her and to see the Sculpture Garden. I also love to look at art which my mom and I do when we get together. So it is continuing to the next generation. :-)
These chairs were all lined up facing the water, so perfect and unoccupied. There was also this very cool building with all these funky photos as part of the sculpture garden. I was so happy we were able to see it before the rest of the city showed up...


  1. That dog tag statue is so interesting.

    Looks like you had a nice outing. My mother and I love to look at art, too. It's such a nice thing to do together, and can spark such interesting conversation.

  2. what fun! sounds like you had a great time


  3. I love that sculpture... it's like the metal is melting... Fantastic!!!

  4. Really? not a fan of rodents? I'll try to overlook that.
    The "dog tag" garment is absolutely amazing!