Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing with wool and fish...

I have been playing with some wool I have gathered. I have taken some wool clothing, deconstructed and washed it so I have all these great pieces of wool fabric. I decided last night it might be fun to try and make a salmon pillow. Since I live on the Northwest Coast and Salmon is such an important thing here I decided the wool would be great for fish. Below is the image I used to get the shape right. This is my first attempt so I am not sure things are just right but it is a starting place.
I have spent the last week working and thinking about making things to sell. I have an opportunity to have some items in a gallery here in Gold Beach and I am working on some items I can make and that are not too expensive. I am finding it is terribly difficult to decide what price to put on items. I will post some photos later this week of the items I am submitting to the gallery.

Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated...


  1. i like your fish! can't help you with the price of things cause i've never sold a thing in my life. unhelpful, i know. but did i mention i like your fish?

  2. Connie, i find to put a price on things you have to get a little dispassionate about things - look at the cost of the materials and the time that it takes you to make. I do it like this: one fat 1/4 is say $7 plus an hour of my time is $10 - so the item would be $17