Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cupcakes........ Here is my quilt journal square. This was really fun. I used fused fabric for the cupcake paper and circles from a plastic shopping bag for the frosting. I really like using unexpected items in my journal squares.


  1. Connie,
    The giveaways are offered on quite a few blogs (blogland seems to be a very generous group!) Just post like you did. Some blogs want you to post a button they do to generate more people seeing it. On the drawing day all names go into a hat and the one tht wins gets a gift mailed to them! Simple and fun.
    Are you on flickr yet? This cupcake would be great to put into some of the recycled flickr groups.

  2. Great explanation of giveaways from Terisa (isn't she amazing?!). Entering a giveaway is as easy as leaving a comment on a blog post and it's so fun when you win and you get a gift in the mail:)
    I'm really enjoying your journal squares and interested in the journal aspect of the squares get put in a book of some kind? This square is so clever and sweet!

    sign up for this on the 19th.It's great fun and you will have well over 100-200 people stop by!