Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am so excited I have committed to make a red and aqua quilt block for Project Improve. I will be making a improvised log cabinish block to be compiled with other blocks made by quilters from everywhere. I happened on a blog by Jacquie ( about this project. The quilts will be assembled and donated to a charity. I thought this would be a great first on line project. I have been trying to add the button for this project to my blog but have not been successful. The sad thing is that if either of my kids were home from college I am sure they could do this but I am learning and struggling some of the time. So if any of you have any suggestions or helpful hints please send them along.

The picture that I added today is my red for the day. I thought for sure I had a photo with red and aqua but no such luck. I have a few red and aqua fabrics for this project and will keep you posted on my progress.

Wish me luck...........

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  1. Oh, Connie, I'm so glad you've joined in on Project Improv too! I think you're already very good at improvising, from the work I'm seeing you do on your transfer quilt:) Red and aqua should be fun colors to play with, don't you think? So cheerful!