Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have finished my first project for "Spring to finish". The sun dress for my niece and finished and in the mail. She should receive it in the next few days. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that she likes it and it fits.

My next project that I have been putting off is stringing and knotting pearls. I have a friend that gets beautiful fresh water pearls from China and I knot them and make them into jewelry pieces. I have so many that need to be completed that I have been ignoring so no more. It is time to get to work. I apologize for the photos. I have yet to figure out the best way to photograph them to show them in their full glory. I hope we get some sun in the next week or so and I will try and take some photos outside in the daylight. We have gotten an inch of rain today so needless to say there is no sunshine.....

Oh,I got some very, very exciting news today. My mom is having my new (used) floor loom shipped to me today. She has a friend who decided she was no longer going to weave and wanted me to have the loom. I am thrilled to have the loom and I really thank my Mom for getting it shipped to me.

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  1. Congrats on getting a floor loom!!! That is so exciting! I use to love to weave, and have a lovely floor loom. Unfortunately since we moved... (13 years ago!) there isn't a really good and roomy enough space to put it up, and it sits sad and unused in the dark basement.( I feel so guilty!)
    Really looking forward to seeing pics of yours and what you will be weaving!