Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is my Celtic knot. I took a class at a quilt shop here on the coast. It was a nice small class with some very nice women and a wonderful instructor. I put a link to the instructors web site in my previous post. It was such fun to spend the day and learn how to do something new. As you know I love to do handwork and this was very fun and challenging. I stayed up too late working on it and have to remove my last bias strip since I messed up on my over and unders.

Now I have a question for all of you. How do you work on your artwork and continue to have a life and get the needed things done (housework, grocery shopping and such)? When I get really wrapped up in creating I seem to let everything else go by the wayside. I have a wonderful husband who works and lets me stay home and create but it is he that suffers when I get really involved. I need to figure out how to make it all work....


  1. Very pretty! Will this be a quilt or something else lovely?
    Unfortunately, I have no answer to "getting it all done"...once I'm caught up in a project, it's not easy for me to think about the other stuff. Maybe somebody else will have a suggestion for us:)

  2. Love your Celtic knot Connie!
    As for your question, I am also very torn. I try very hard to plan my next day the evening before....and I really, really try to clean my house on Tuesdays, because my dh is gone ALL day Tuesday. While that sounds very structured, it usually works for me EXCEPT when I am really involved in a project. Then throw it all out the window and my Muse sings loud and clear. Now I am also struggling with the added draw of gardening: who wouldn't rather be outside gardening than inside dusting? This is also the most perfect weather for dyeing in my studio: temps in the low 70s, no mosquitoes yet, and the breezes are gentle. So, when it's hot or cold, I can abide by a schedule, but right now life is pretty much crazy! LOL

    Good Luck!


  3. Such a pretty quilt.

    I think that is the struggle of most people who are looking for the balance.