Monday, April 27, 2009

The Loom has arrived

The Loom arrived this morning and I am amazed at how large and heavy the parts were.

I have spent the afternoon working on assembling it. It is so cool but it is so BIG.... As I am working I think she needs a name. I am a bit intimidated by her. I am very proud however that I have gotten it together to this point. I need to go and purchase some nylon cords to attach the harnesses.

Thank you Kathy for thinking of me as having a suitable new home for the loom and Thanks MOM for getting it packed up and shipped.

I am feeling very blessed today. I can hardly wait to work on her............


  1. How exciting and I'm so impressed with your assembly skills! I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely weaving!

  2. wow! That is a beautiful loom. I am feeling some envy pangs... although I don't need another addiction. Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. I agree she needs a name. Something grand beautiful and timelss.

  4. Yep: your assembly skills are very impressive Connie!
    What a gorgeous piece!
    I too cannot wait to see what lovelies you will produce!


  5. Oh, I am green with envy. I dream of owning one! I cannot wait to see what you make with this beautiful gem!

    We used to live close to the NY State Farmers Museum in Cooperstown, and they have antique ones that they still used, as they showed us all how they lived back in the day...such lovely treasures.

    I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see what you do.

    Have fun!