Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, I can hardly wait until tomorrow. This 9 patch has been quilted and I pick it up tomorrow. I made the decision to have it quilted since it is queen size and I decided I was not experienced enough to do it. I spent quite a bit of time making the binding for this. I cut strips and pieced them so I would also have a scrappy looking binding. I will take photos tomorrow if the light is good and share the results.

One very nice thing about being excited to pick up this quilt and add the binding gave me some motivation to clean my house so I can spend the afternoon in my studio working on the binding.

I also got some very exciting news today. My youngest applied to the study abroad program at the university he is attending and had his interview today. He has been accepted!!! He is so very excited and will be spending next year studying at Uppsala University in Sweden. I am going to have a hard time with him being so far away for an entire year but what an opportunity. I am also thinking I will just have to go and visit.



  2. Sweden! That's so cool - and a great reason to visit :)

  3. Just stumbled onto your blog, love the quilt! And Sweden sound so exciting!

  4. Great news about your son! Uppsala is a wonderful old town. My cousins live not too far from there, and I've been there checking out genealogy when I was looking for those cousins! You will have to go for a visit Connie (but go during the summer or fall)!