Thursday, March 18, 2010

More playing with free motion quilting

I have continued to work on my free motion quilting. This is some of the quilting I have done on a wall hanging I posted several months ago. I have had fun with this project and I am hand quilting the photo of the aspen tree you can see in the right corner.
Now I am not sure what this will become yet. I think it will be a bag or I-pod case or something of the sort. It was very fun to quilt this one. I just used the lines from the patterned fabric for my inspiration. The fabrics are fused on and then stitched for some added security.
I am heading off to a quilt guild meeting today. I enjoy these meetings and it is fun to see what everyone has been up to with their work. The group is very traditional and I am not but I am learning so much from them. Sometimes I think they look at me and shake their heads but I guess most people do that with me anyway, so it is nothing new.

I hope all of you have had a great week....


  1. Boy, I've missed a lot and am just catching up. You are doing great with the free motion quilting... everything shown from the last several posts looks just wonderful! Enjoy your meeting, and don't despair... I get a lot of head shaking, too!

  2. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!!