Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow in Austin

When I flew into Austin last week it was snowing and the flight after mine from Dallas had been canceled. I had not seen snow since Christmas in Colorado and did not think I would have to deal with snow in Texas... It was quite a surprise to see so much snow.
After I arrived at my parents house my dad came out and made a snowman. He was a cute little guy. However something was missing. In their yard was a prickly pear cactus which made for perfect ears. I think he is a very cute little guy. It was so strange to be in Texas in late February and have the weather be so cold and strange.


  1. The ears on that snowman made me laugh outloud! Too cute!

  2. Clever and cute! My sister lives in Austin and was hoping to go for a sled ride, alas the snow had already melted by the time her work day ended. Glad you had such a great trip!