Friday, May 1, 2009

I got time to work on my Celtic Knot last night. I think I have a new favorite thing to do while watching TV. This process is very soothing and I love how it is coming along. The project I am doing started out to be a table runner but as I am working on it I think it would make a wonderful bolster pillow. My plan is to finish the 3 knots that intersect and then I will make a border, quilt it and then into a pillow.

I did make myself do some housework yesterday. I am also very proud of myself I got the ironing done. My husband wears cotton dress shirts to work so I usually end up with a pile of shirts that is very daunting but I made myself get them ironed and I always feel better when they are hanging in the closet ready to wear. For someone who loves fabric you would think I would not hate ironing so much.... Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions and most of all made me feel like I am not alone!

Oh, I almost forgot about Spring to the Finish. I did not finish any quilts but I did get 4 projects done that I had started but not finished. So thank you Jacquie for the much needed motivation.


  1. I love the celtic knots! I think that would be really cool if you made a purse or bag with that design on the side!

  2. I absolutely cannot abide ironing, so you are definitely not alone and your knot is amazing, my brain freezes just looking at it as it seems so complicated! Well done you!