Wednesday, May 6, 2009

As you can see it is raining here. Raining and wind seem to be the order of business this week. We received two inches of rain on Monday and then yesterday was cloudy and windy and today it is raining again.

I have been sewing, working on making 9 patch squares for my scrap quilt, sewing on my Celtic knots and some embroidery on the western quilt squares. Nothing worth photographing at this stage though... Photos will follow as soon as they begin to look like something.

I have been doing quite a bit of thinking today about losing weight. I need to lose some (really quite a bit). I meet with some women here yesterday and we are going to meet once a week and do an altered low carb diet. The first 2 weeks are fairly strict and then it mellows out from there. It is a diet very much like that of someone who is diabetic. So not like the Atkins or some of those but it does have you reduse the carb intake and I LOVE carbs. I am not sure how I will do with this but I am going to try and give it a try. I may not make it through the first day but I am going to try. So off to the grocery store for some protein, vegies and fruits. Wish me luck...


  1. I LOVE that second image - it is like from a dream. Good luck with that new diet :)

  2. I love the rain pictures! I love the one with my my welding project in it! I think you are getting really good at framing your images! they are looking really nice!
    I hope the diet stuff goes well but i don't think you need to lose any weight! I love you just as you are!! Make sure the diet is something that you can live with and it won't make life unpleasant trying to live without something you enjoy, like carbs!