Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have been thinking about old work. 15 years ago or so I was making handmade paper and decided to make quilt squares with the paper. This is an old piece I made and sold. I have to wonder what takes us where we go with our creative processes. I have always been facinated with quilt design. I still own and enjoy a few of these pieces. Now I am moving to the real thing.

I still do not have my lap top in working order. It is in the shop and I am waitiing to hear the prognosis. I hope it is only a power issue but time will tell. So I am scanning old photos and thinking about old things as you can see. Not having my lap top has limited my time on the computer, Since the computer is in the basement and it is not as convenient I seem to be getting more of my daily chores done which is a good thing. I even got out and pulled weeds in my yard.

Today I am sending many good thoughts to my sister who is at the doctor. We are hoping she will finally know what is going on and what course of treatement she will need.