Thursday, May 14, 2009

Computer Problems

I am sorry there is no photo and I really do not like a post without a photo but we have a laptop computer that is my main computer that shut off and will not start up again. I am hoping that it does not have a fatal problem but we will see. So for now I am using a very old desk top computer which we have not used in YEARS... Our laptop is old and it was the replacement for this one, but I am thankful that I can at least access the internet and see what is going on in blog land. Tomorrow I will work and see if I can get some photos on this one and then I will feel better.

I hope all of you are having a nice week!


  1. That's terrible - computers are so disagreable sometimes. Good luck getting it up and running again.

  2. Hope your computer woes get worked out soon!

  3. Isn't it something when our computers go awry? I have to talk nicely to my printer every morning before it will print shipping labels. Some times it does not comply!