Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have still been without my lap top so I have been unable to post photos of my work.

This is a sketch of an idea I have for an alphabet quilt. I love letters and would really like to make a quilt with the entire alphabet. I think it will have to be applique which I have not done much of but I think would be fun to try.

I have been working on my 9 patch squares. It is fun to see them all out together, I am becoming excited about this project. I have also finished my celtic knot piece and will post photos as soon as I get my laptop back. GRRRRR I am so frustrated with having to wait. I was told that I would know something by tomorrow.

Thank you for the nice thoughts sent to my sisiter. She is home and will have the monitor for a month and we are really hoping they find out what exactly is going on.


  1. This would make a fabulous quilt! Good luck with your lap top, and best wishes for your sister. xo

  2. That is effen brilliant! your a genius!
    what a fantastic idea...alpha quilts can be sooo boring and old fashioned...
    such a modern idea!

  3. I really like your quilt sketch! I don't think I'd have the patience to applique...maybe raw edged, but needle-turned: NO, NOT IN THIS LIFETIME! lol
    Good luck with your laptop....I can't even stand a couple of hrs without the internet. Your patience amazes me!
    Hope all is well with your sister.