Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life is about to change

I have spent the last couple of days cooking and spending time with our son and a friend. It was very fun to have a couple of young men here for a few days. I have a hard time not mothering both of them. I guess once a mother always a mother.

Now, I am going to find out if I am really into being a mother still. I am going to be picking up our rotary exchange student at the airport on Tuesday. She is 17 and from Ecuador. Neither Mark or I speak Spanish so I am hoping we can communicate. She will be staying with us for 3 months and then will have 2 other families she will be with for 3 months each. She will attend high school here and have the American Experience. I hope all goes well. We have done this before and it was a great experience but we have always been the 3rd host family not the first. I have spend a lot of time worrying if she will like us, if she will be homesick, and how we will communicate if she does not speak English. Wish me luck. The next time you hear from me I will be back to mothering a teenager.............


  1. Wow, that is so great of you guys.
    It will be good to have someone in the house again making a mess, well maybe not.

  2. What a great experience--sounds like lots of fun!!

    (Stunning photo!)

  3. That sounds fun and exciting, despite your worries. I'm sure it will work out wonderfully.

  4. Just the very fact that you are asking those questions shows what a good mother you are. Sounds like a wonderful experience awaits... I am sure she will be very happy in your care. :0)

  5. Hats off to you! That is quite an undertaking, but I know you all will have a good time, and you will be sad when she moves on to the next family!


  6. Oh, I Know she'll have the best time with you guys! Not so long ago, I was lucky enough to be in her shoes, and it was the most heart-warming experience! Thank you for making my Ashland story "end" on such a great note! I coudln't have asked for a better 3rd host family!
    Love you lots, Miss you lots,
    Hope to see you again very soon,
    Sending your way tons of x&o's from Santa Barbara,
    Lin <3