Saturday, August 1, 2009

Photo Organization

This is a photo I took several years ago at Crater Lake here in Oregon. We hiked down to the lake from the rim and took a boat ride around the lake which is the deepest lake in North America. It was lovely. However the hike out back to the rim was killer but worth every step.

I have been trying to spend a bit of time trying to organize my digital photos. I am a terrible organizer when it comes to these things. I seem to do a good job of getting my photos downloaded but not such a good one at any sort of organization. Most of them are stored by date but at times I have tried to put them in files by subject. Now I have a mix of both.

How do you organize your photos? Now with Vista I seem to be having a hard time recognizing what is what with the folders.


  1. Beautiful photo--I'll bet that was a great adventure!
    Organizing photos? I sort folders by date and/or subject...for instance "_____'s birthday - date" or just "dog/cat pics", "garden pics" Not to sophisticated, but I can usually find what I'm looking for, usually:)

  2. Not my strong point either so I am of no help...

    (Amazingly beautiful area and lovely photo!)

  3. I don't know how everyone else does it, but I have the originals in dated or catergorized folders, like "2009 California Trip." Then as I go through the photos in that folder, I copy particular photos into folders that organize my collections, which I do by place/subject. So if I took a great flower shot during that trip, I have a copy both in the "2009 California Trip" folder and in the "Flowers" collection folder. That helps me since I am not very on the ball with choosing photos for final collections, but at least the folders are organized until I get around to it. I also have an "Uploads" folder where I dump what has just come off my camera. When I have been through the entire folder, and made copies where I want them to go, I move that "2009 California Trip" folder to another location, such as "Family Photos" or something like that.

    Hope that helps.