Monday, August 3, 2009

My Studio

Crazy Mom Quilts shared her studio and I thought I would do the same. I am very fortunate to have this little space for my creative side. It was a small garage at one point so as I take this photo I am standing out in the driveway. On nice days it is very nice to be able to open the garage door and have all kinds of fresh air and natural light. However on the down side when the garage door is closed there is no natural light. I am hoping at some point we can remove the garage door and put in a window and door.
This is the first time I have had a space that is all mine and I can work and leave my messes and they are not in anyone's way. I am finding that I am so much more productive when I have a space to myself.
I am also making a large cork board with wine and champagne corks. You can see to the left I have it covered but where you see the burgundy cloth there are no corks. Someday I will have it complete. I have family and friends saving corks for me. I like the way it is turning out.
This is our old computer desk which I have turned into my sewing table and it works very well. As you can see I have plenty of stuff to fill my space but I am enjoying having it all in one room.

I had hoped to sew today but instead I cleaned up the studio so I could share it with you.

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  1. I love the cork board. I have pot holders ou tof cork and have been collecting our wine bottle corks just as bowl decorations.